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Bahamian Freelancers: How to Send Money from PayPal to Your Bank Account

For years, I tried many ways, and I figured it out! Here is the online way to successfully and legally receive money through PayPal to your bank account as a Bahamian citizen. First, open a PayPal account. That goes without saying! If you have trouble, here’s a tutorial on how to open one: After you’re all ready to go with a PayPal account, open a TransferWise Borderless Account. TransferWise is kind of like Western Union, but online and less expensive. Just so you know, this step takes some

How Upwork Is Destroying the Value of Freelancers

Upwork has freelancers adhere to a standard of behavior that is reminiscent of a private high school: turn in your homework (contracts) on their time; respond professionally in a timely manner; get good grades (Job Success Score); pay school fees (20% Service Fee). They only recently removed skill assessments. Essentially, Upwork is presenting itself as an opportunity, when in actuality it costs more in time, effort, and your hard-earned money than going out there and approaching clients on you

What My Body Taught Me

One morning, I woke up and realized how cramped I felt. Every joint in my body ached. I was exhausted, like many mornings, but this time I felt compelled to do something about it. I stretched out, softly manipulating myself into whatever yoga poses I could remember at that moment. As I turned into a pose that required some of my weight to rest on my right arm, I realized something. I didn’t trust my body. And, I hadn’t been trusting myself. The night before, I had done a couple of meditations

Here Lies Conservative Bahamas

The Bahamian creative community is tearing down barriers between us and the rest of the world. It’s time for all the freaks, geeks, nerds and weirdos to come out of the stuffy, musty closet and make some noise. A conversation I had with Captain Von Trap inspired me to write this eloquent eulogy. Essentially, he made me be able to articulate that we are singlehandedly burying our local talent and discouraging development and progress by holding on to dead and dying concepts of society. Our cult